June 2024 Conversation - Allara Mills-Gutcher, AICP

Allara shared her inspiring journey as a small business owner. Allara, a Certified Planner is the Principal of The Planning Collaborative and FL APA President- Elect. Through her personal story, filled with both challenges and victories, she shared insights that every PPD member can apply to their own career and professional aspirations. Her passion can ignite a fire within you to reach for your dreams and conquer any obstacles in your path.

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May 2024 Conversation - Mike Anikeeff

The discussion led by Stephen Tocknell and Mike Anikeeff focused on the compensation disparities faced by private sector planners compared to other professionals in the development process. The conversation highlighted the ethical constraints limiting planners' compensation, the potential benefits of licensing and professional liability insurance, and the challenges of maintaining professional standards amidst increasing citizen planner involvement. Participants emphasized the need for greater recognition and promotion of AICP certification, explored the idea of creating a licensing system for planners, and planned a future session with the APA Ethics Officer to address these issues and develop strategies for fairer compensation.

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April 2024 Conversation - Rod Arroyo, FAICP Class of 2024

Rod Arroyo, FAICP will discuss the challenges of running a planning consulting organization, from a senior leadership perspective.

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March 2024 Conversation - What APA Leadership Needs to Know About PPD Planners

Steve Tocknell, FAICP, PPD Chari, will be representing APA members in private practice at the leadership meetings that will be held as part of the upcoming National Planning Conference. From past meetings, surveys and conversations, members discussed what they expect from the APA in return for their dues and involvement, about how the APA is handling equity diversity and inclusion issues, and how these issues are affecting PPD members on a day to day basis.

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February 2024 Conversation - PPD Mentorship Program

We want to hear from you about how we can bring PPD members together to share new planning concepts, and to reflect on lessons learned from experience in the field. Our conversation about private practice mentoring will be led by Mentoring Committee Co-Chairs Owen Beitsch and Armin Aryafar.

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December 2023 Conversation - Updated PPD Handbook

We’ll roll out the newly updated PPD Private Practice Handbook. Deana Rhodeside, PPD Past Chair and handbook editor, will present an overview and highlights of the new handbook. As with the previous edition, the revised handbook will only be available to PPD members. With the holidays coming up, this will be our final PPD Conversation for 2023.

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October 2023 Conversation

Our October 27 PPD Conversation was about improving relationships between primes and subs. It was moderated by longtime PPD member Owen Beitsch, with Divya Gandhi, a board member the APA Transportation Planning Division (TPD), leading the conversation on behalf of primes, and Robert McHaney, the TPD Chair, leading the conversation on behalf of subs. A takeaway from the conversation was that to develop stronger and more rewarding relationships with primes, subs need a good marketing plan, a business plan, and a defined rate schedule. As professional planners, we should all be emphasizing the importance of partnering with planners who are APA and AICP members.

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