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March 22, 2024 What APA Leadership Needs to Know About PPD Planners

Please join me at our next PPD Conversation this Friday, March 22, starting at 3:00 PM ET. As Private Practice Division Chair, I will be representing APA members in private practice at the leadership meetings that will be held as part of the upcoming National Planning Conference. From past meetings, surveys and conversations, I’ve heard what some of you expect from the APA in return for your dues and involvement, but I’d like to hear from more of you firsthand. As a member of the Divisions IDE Task Force, I especially want to hear from you about how the APA is handling equity diversity and inclusion issues, and how these issues are affecting PPD members on a day to day basis.

April 26, 2024 Rod Arroyo, FAICP Class of 2024

May 24, 2024 Planners’ Role in Land Development

June 28, 2024 From Planner to Leader

July 26, 2024 TBD

August 23, 2024 TBD

September 27, 2024 TBD

October 25, 2024 TBD

November 22, 2024 TBD

December 27, 2024 TBD

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